Welcome to Stealthy Baller

       Welcome to Stealthy Baller.  At Stealthy Baller I thrive to bring you the latest fashion and designs so you can show off your new look and attitude. With some "out of this world" designs,  Stealthy Baller will bring out your individuality.  And rest assured that whenever you see a Stealthy Baller logo,  quality designs are near by.

         But designs is not all Stealthy Baller prides itself on.  Stealthy Baller, a part of Simet Creations, believe in giving to others in need.  Whether it is taking time to enjoy the day with others or even buying groceries for those who might otherwise would have gone without. Stealthy Baller will help those in need in any way it can.

         Stealthy Baller is very much family-oriented and with the family in mind, Stealthy Baller is proud to make fashion for both men and women. Now don't forget about the kids,  for are they not our future? So Stealthy Baller wants to help the kids shine just a little brighter and believes that when they are wearing fashions from Stealthy Baller,  their whole outlook changes for the better.

       That is because the Stealthy Baller designs are all about personal choices and being an individual all by themselves. Every shoe up until now has been a practical everyday design with a new one design coming out every so often which gets a little boring after a while.  So to break the cycle, Stealthy Baller has released his signature collection called The "Unspoken" Collection.

        With 3 styles to choose from and 5 different colors that work alongside each other, The "Unspoken" Collection is sure to stay around for as long as possible. And this is greatly due to being on the Zips Shoes.  We at Stealthy Baller know that your feet are bound to get a little dirty from playing outside. So Zips offers the ideal shoe fit for washing. Just unzip your Stealthy Baller style shoes from the sole and toss in the wash.  Just like that, your Stealthy Baller shoes will be like brand new.  So you don't have to worry about your style getting a little dirty.  And like I said with 5 colors working with three different styles you can wear the matching pair or mix and match and let your Stealthy Baller shoes do the talking for you. who says all shoes must match. We at Stealthy Baller hope you like the ability you have with mix and match shoes.

Created by Stealthy Baller