Footwear Fashions for Him And her.

I am using currently four design logos for the tongue of the shoes. I am also changing the back of the shoes and going to a standard initials, SB, on the back. I plan on keeping the ballers on the tongue but offering a variety of colors. I will keep you updated on that. So if you receive a pink baller on what seems to be a masculine design. This is no mistake and the shoe only comes with that baller. Stealthy Baller believes when it comes to individuality a choice isn't between men's or women's. The choice should be design and sutyle and mainly what speaks to you. Oh and my Stealthy Ballers can wear any shoe they want and if it ends up on a masculine design than don't  worry because you'll find it on a feminine one also. You will also find the other ballers on the other shoes. I am sorry of if you don't like the shoe because of the baller that comes attached with the shoe but the shoe only comes with that baller.

Created by Stealthy Baller