Footwear Fashions for Him And Her

Just a Heads Up from Stealthy.

I am currently re-designing my entire line of shoes so instead of using Ballers on the Everyday Footwear Fashions I left the the tongue of the shoe designed only. All shoes will carry the Stealthy Baller initials, SB, however I will leave a small amount of shoes completely void of the Stealthy Baller label. I am doing this because I feel if somebody wanted a shoe that isnt tied to labels, I will be glad to offer that as well. Just another step I take  to help separate me from the rest and to prove I am here for all.

    With that being said, the "no label" shoes are the only choices you'll have and I will not special make another shoe without the I initials or the ballers. All shoes are as they come and I will try my hardest to make sure your choice of style and/or colors are plentiful.

Created by Stealthy Baller