The Rose and the Grass


All "hard copies" come 4x6 and manually assembled and bound by me. they are made with photo paper instead of regular paper which assures it's durability and bound with a thick packing tape and has a 1 inch overlap which makes holding and flipping through the pages easy. I believe this is the first time a book is to be published such a way but I believe it won't be the last. Each book comes with the cover, a page of artwork representing the Grass that is original and created by me. This page is unique to the "hard copies only and does not come with the E-book sold for Kindle on Along with this page there is 8 pages of story line and also an illustrated back page. It is because of all these reasons plus I pay shipping costs that the Hard copies cost more than the E-books. You will not find this book in any bookstore and can only find it here at Thank you for all your support. And I know you will enjoy The Rose and the Grass.

Created by Stealthy Baller