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        Hello everyone I wanted to inform you that even though you can order directly from my store that you can reach through the link on the contact stealthy page, I am currently trying to upgrade my site so you can order directly from me at my site which I believe will be easier for you.

        upgrading g does cost a little bit to have done and with me being on a limited income, I am adding a link on this page that will allow you to make donations to me to help me succeed. I ain't asking for much anything will do and suffice but the only reason I ask for this is because I want to help you. And if upgrading will allow you to order easily then this is what I want to do.

        With that being said, I also going to add a few more pages for you to look at. because here at Stealthy Baller I do more than just shoes. I have posters and puzzles and playing cards to. I have more clothing for you and the kids all which can be found at my store but I want you to find it all here on my site.

          I also do work with photos making edits and and turning them into something new. So be on the lookout for the new Stealthy Baller products I'll get this done as soon as I can.

      Thank you for your understanding and I appreciate you stopping by to check me out.

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